Why should my child learn to code?
Learning how to code prepares kids for a future impacted by technology. Even if your child doesn’t follow a career in programming, coding will help develop their creativity, innovation and problem solving skills.
Our kids are passionate about technology – coding allows them to harness that interest in an active and engaging way, with a creative output. Coding is being called “the new literacy” and there is a strong drive for coding to be incorporated into school curriculums.

Why should my child attend Code-IT! classes?
Code-IT! is fun and engaging, where kids learn the basics of coding through Collaboration, Creativity and Communication. There are courses for different age groups, at beginner and intermediate levels.
We also offer regular holiday workshops, which cover introductory platforms, applied coding and robotics.

Which class should my child be enrolled in?
This depends on when would suit you during the week and also what exposure they have previously had to coding. See the page entitled courses. Please contact us for class details for the current term or holidays.

Does my child need to bring their own laptop, iPad or iPhone?

Code-IT! provides laptops for students to work on if your child does not have their own to use. Students should bring their own USB flash drive to save a back up of their work. Flash drives are available from Code-IT!

How do you deal with different levels of knowledge and experience?
Students learn new concepts at different speeds and through different ways, and all have different levels of exposure to computers and coding. Students are brought into the program through a variety of courses depending on their unique needs. For more information, see the courses tab. Specific and individual attention is provided to students at different times during their session.

Tell me more about Code-IT! teachers?
Our teachers are fun and love teaching kids! They are certified to work with children and have degrees in teaching or computer science, or are studying in these fields – they know their stuff! We will aim to always have 2 teachers per class, with close supervision provided. Our teachers will be happy to meet with you to discuss your child’s individual needs.

What is STEM?
STEM is an acronym that stands for education in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. A focus on STEM is critical for our kids’ futures. Building a foundation in coding opens up multiple career options for your child – not only in IT, but also helps prepare your child for jobs that haven’t yet been invented! Our coding classes also introduce an “A” into the acronym “STEAM” – with the “A” standing for an artistic and creative element.