Fun with Coding

Code-IT! offers fun programmes for kids to learn how to design their own computer games and animations. Check out our Facebook page for updated news on weekly programmes including holiday code camps.

Productive Screen Time

Does your child enjoy computer games, playing Minecraft, catching Pokemons, or simply just watching video clips on their iPad? These are mostly designed to entertain and have little educational benefit. As parents we are all challenged to find ways of making their screen time productive!

Code-IT! History

Code-IT! was founded in 2016 out of a personal need, by Richard Millson, who needed to make his young kids’ screen time engaging. By introducing them to coding they now use their screen time more productively, and creatively bring their imaginations to life.

Future Proof Your Kids today!

Learning how to code prepares kids for a future impacted by technology, and coding will help develop their creativity, innovation and problem solving skills.

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